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Together with my team of international musicians, mixing engineers and mastering engineers I will  produce your single or album. I will  closely listen to your musical vision and together we will make it your record. My work ethos is based around the idea of "servant leadership" in order to get the most out of your musical ideas and to create a final product that is equally artistic and commercially relevant. 

Session On Demand

Looking for guitar, bass or production elements for your next song? 

Just send me your track and we will talk about your ideas. I am happy to contribute in the best possible way with mix ready guitar or bass tracks. The huge variety and collection of guitars and amps will set your tracks apart from an all in the box approach with only plugins and amp sims. Get some real world mojo on the recording side of your track and combine it with state of the art production tools.

MasterClass / Lessons

I am always happy to share my knowledge and skills. Over the years I had the opportunity to learn and get inspired from some of the best musicians on the planet. I was very privileged to experience their advice. Sometimes a little goes a long way. So, whether you are looking for a couple of lessons to get some new input or approaches or you are looking for advice about gear, guitar, setups. Let's get in touch and I will happily share my experience from over 2 decades working in studios and touring around the world.

Anker 5
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